Thursday, June 4, 2009

My trip to Daphne's

I went to Daphne's today and the guy working there started hitting on me. At first I thought "Well maybe he knows that I have Greek family" but I still was creeped out by the guy. So I was standing there waiting for my food and he is trying to impress me with his "Greek" talk and fancy moves but he failed majorly. When my food was ready he called my name and he was still flirting. He asked if I wanted extra sauce and of course my response was "UM YES!!!!!" . So he turned to the cook and asked for extra sauce in Spanish. Who knew that my food was being made by non Greeks. I should have known that the guy wasn't Greek he was Hispanic. Well now I know that the guy was hitting on me because he knew I was Hispanic. ;)
Either way I still love my Greek food!!!!!! Thank you creepy guy at Daphne's for making my day :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ESV Blog

This will, for the most part, be the only post on here. Check out to see my posts.